Partners of The Internet of Bees celebrated the 15th month since its kick-off. Partners held the meeting in Barcelona, Spain, where they discussed the progress of the project and future actions to help improve the health of bees effectively.

Project partners Irideon, ARNIA, AVIA-GIS, TEIC and BeeLife European Beekeeping Coordination, joined together to determine the future of the project. During the meeting, partners raised three critical points that are enabling the project to shape a valuable tool for beekeepers, with improved monitoring to help improve conditions for bees.

First, beehive monitoring systems will be tested on several different locations across Europe, including Belgium, Italy, France, Romania and Spain. Besides, some tests are even taking place in the almond fields in California, USA. Thanks to ongoing and future field tests, the application of new developments of the Internet of Things to beekeeping can better suit the needs of experts in the field.

Second, satellite mapping will not only work as a support to the data collected in the field, but it will be an integral part of the project. With a dual scope of view, including in-field information and satellite data with Spatial Decision Support Systems, IoBee is aiming towards unprecedented achievements in bee health monitoring. Thanks to the expertise of project partner AVIA-GIS, it has been possible for IoBee to reach new fields.

Third, the project needs the cooperation of beekeepers and beekeeping associations. As IoBee is currently working with BeeLife’s network of beekeepers and beekeeping associations, it has become clear to partners that their feedback is essential to the success of the project. Further developments need to take into account the needs and the expertise of beekeepers in the field, as well as expectations from associations. Therefore, the development of workshops along Europe has been a critical element of the project. In constant coordination with beekeepers and associations, the project has collected a significant input regarding the challenges in the field as well as the opportunities that IoBee can seize.

The project continues to advance towards a better future for bees in Europe. Efforts within IoBee are multidimensional, and the focus is on the cooperation among partners and with direct stakeholders, beekeepers.