Scientific Symposium during the Bee Week 2018, European Parliament

The Bee Week 2018 took place at the European Parliament on June 26-28, and IoBee took part. During the Scientific Symposium, IoBee partner BeeLife presented the upcoming features of the project, giving participants a first look at the sought benefits for bees and beekeeping.

The Scientific Symposium of the Bee Week covered subjects of research and data analysis and integration to improve conditions for bees. Therefore, IoBee was more than pertinent to participate. During the Symposium, the European Bee Partnership, which includes stakeholders like the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and BeeLife also presented their Terms of Reference. As well, representatives of the European Commission updated the audience on the EU Pollinators Initiative.

Through the discussion, IoBee stood out as a practical project with the possibility to integrate solutions for cooperation among research initiatives around Europe. With the need for new and efficient processes to gather, integrate and vulgarise data, the project continues to show the potential to help improve bees’ health through non-invasive monitoring.

Speakers during the event reached consent on the importance of achieving better data integration and improved availability to the public. Dr Noa Simón Delso, Scientific Advisor at BeeLife, stated that “outcome information from public projects should be made widely available and have free access. The data should be published as soon as possible since it is useless to have it while keeping it unavailable for field practitioners”. To reach such an objective, IoBee is aiming at enabling the possibility to create the first European Network for Integrated Beehive Health Management. Partners also work to disseminate any findings, once available, through its network and channels for the benefit of bees all around Europe.

Dr Noa Simón Delso presenting IoBee during the Scientific Symposium

During the Bee Week, Director of Organisation for a Common Market for Agricultural Products, Jen Schnaps, recalled the European Commission’s promise for better protection of hive products, considering the health of both bees and consumers. Therefore, European projects, such as IoBee are in line with the current needs and demands of the beekeeping sector regarding the improvement of conditions and further research.

Through the integration of the Internet of Things to the beekeeping labour, IoBee is continuously working towards better monitoring of bees, so beekeepers and policymakers can take the right decisions for these essential pollinators.

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