The latest edition of the Internet of Things Solutions World Congress took place in Barcelona, Spain, last 16-18 October 2018, and IoBee took part in the action.  Our project manager, Joao Encarnacao, was invited as a guest speaker to introduce the audience to the developments that IoBee offers to beekeepers.

The event featured the current and future trends of IoT solutions. Endorsed by the City’s and Region authorities, the event saw a record attendance of over 16.000 participants. Small, mid-range and big brands were present, all with innovation in mind. Big names were there as fellow speakers, coming from firms like Microsoft, Google, the World Economic Forum, and even the US Defence Department. The name of the game is innovation and a vital message to take in mind for IoT is “brace for 5G”, the fifth generation of cellular mobiles communication.

IoBee Project Manager, Joao Encarnacao, at IOTSWC

Innovation in IoT, however, is not exclusive to the tech sector, nor to a strictly urban environment. Both private and public organisations apply it as well to agricultural and wildlife contexts. Such is the case of water quality control in Iranian fish farms through IoT, and, of course, the monitoring of beehives and their environment, as introduced by IoBee.

Mr Encarnacao emphasised the importance of applying technological advancements to new sectors. Beekeeping is an example. Since environmental challenges have toughened the beekeepers’ labour, there is a need for new tools, new solutions. New solutions can open new ways for beekeepers to fight back against colony collapse disorder, improving the health of their bees and enhancing productivity. As Mr Encarnacao mentioned, IoBee aspires to become such a valuable and integral solution.

Thanks to the application of IoT, IoBee is taking beehive monitoring a step forward. Not only adding parameters for measurement and creating an alerts system at the hand of beekeepers, but also adding satellite mapping. Thanks to such dual development, IoBee is bringing a monitoring system that integrates internal and external parameters. The objective is clear, provide the beekeeper with on-time and valuable information so he can better apply his knowledge on the field.

Just as many other companies, speakers and attendants in IOTSWC, IoBee is working towards bringing the benefits of technology to new frontiers. The technological developments that enable IoT have indeed not reached their limits, nor have they expanded to all sectors. IoBee stands for bringing such developments and tune them to help improve the health of bees and become a valuable tool for as many beekeepers as possible.