IoBee at the Core of Tech Events

IoBee is a project that aims to help improve the health of bees around Europe. To do so, it serves itself of cutting-edge developments in technology, particularly the application of the Internet of Things, sensing, and satellite mapping. The project is not only...

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The Internet of Bees in Romania

The Internet of Bees has been expanding its network around Europe since its beginning. It has developed workshops in Málaga and Murcia (Spain), in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (France), and Piacenza (Italy), plus its inclusion in presentations during major events...

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IoBee M15 Project Meeting

Partners of The Internet of Bees celebrated the 15th month since its kick-off. Partners held the meeting in Barcelona, Spain, where they discussed the progress of the project and future actions to help improve the health of bees effectively. Project partners Irideon,...

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IoBee Reaches Italy in Apimell 2019

The IoBee project is continuously working to reach more and more beekeepers around Europe, and this time it has arrived in Italy. During the latest version of the Apimell beekeeping congress in Piacenza, IoBee was able to share its most recent developments and listen...

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IoBee is coming to Apimell 2019

IoBee is coming to Apimell on Saturday, March 2, 2019, one of the most prestigious events in the beekeeping sector in Italy. Will you be there? Don't miss all the information on our project and voice your opinion! Beekeepers support IoBee through the participation of...

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Sharing Expectations and Experiences with French Beekeepers

IoBee continues its tour around Europe in the form of national workshops to reach and share with local beekeepers and decision-makers among beekeeping associations. This time, in the 3rd IoBee workshop, we were able to share with beekeepers from the Féderation...

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What is IoBee?

Two of IoBee’s partners from AVIA-GIS and IRIDEON give you an insight on what IoBee is. By listening to beekeepers’ needs and existing deficiencies in the market, IoBee aims towards an improved bee protection in Europe. One of the main standards for IoBee is to go...

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IoBee Brings Innovation in Beekeeping to Spain

During the XXII State Beekeeping Conference in Murcia, organised by the COAG (Coordinator of Farmers and Cattle Ranchers Organisations), the IoBee project took its developments straight to Spanish beekeepers last 17 October 2018. During the Conference, IoBee shared...

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IoBee at the Bee Week 2018 at the European Parliament

Scientific Symposium during the Bee Week 2018, European Parliament The Bee Week 2018 took place at the European Parliament on June 26-28, and IoBee took part. During the Scientific Symposium, IoBee partner BeeLife presented the upcoming features of the project, giving...

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Great Expectations for IoBee after M6 Meeting

Partners from the Internet of Bees consortium met on Month 6 of the project. Funded by the European Commission, IoBee is continuously moving forward to achieve unprecedented developments towards improving bees’ health. By applying both existing and innovative...

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IoBee Partner Present at the Mobile World Congress 2018

The Mobile World Congress 2018, one of the largest exhibitions for the mobile industry, took place in Barcelona from 26th February until 1st March. Among featured technology developments in the ever-growing mobile production, Internet of Bees' partner, Irideon,...

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Why Is It Important to Help Bees?

Bee health has been declining since the 1990’s all over the world, particularly in locations with industrialised agriculture. The decline is vast and has provoked a wide bee colony loss…

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